Monday, March 30, 2009

Phase #3

Phase # 3: Renovate Historic Portion of Building, Enhancements

Completing this phase will require utilization of grant money. However, if money becomes unavailable the City could begin a program to repair/replace and upgrade necessary items such as heating or air conditioning on a year-by-year basis using rental income money. In the meantime the building would continue to be functional and generate income.

· Upon receipt of Grants and other financial opportunities renovate the historic portion of the Egbert Building. Develop plans and strategies for temporary move of renters during construction.

· Develop design and decorative materials and objects for historic part of Egbert Building and walk through as well as plaza area. Develop historic displays and encourage other Miner Street building owners to enhance and improve access and appearance from front and rear of their buildings. An opportunity to portray photos and explanations about the history of Yreka concept. Educate visitors as they walk through the building, as they enter the Miner Street area they will have some background about the district.

· Design and incorporate entrance into Franco American Hotel from plaza. Explore and develop funding opportunities.

· Future plans and potential enhancements of Miner Street. Development and action plans to capitalize on the Historic District should be made in conjunction with the City, merchants, and building owners, County Museum, County Historical Society and other interested parties.

Benefits of Phase # 3:

o A beautiful, energy efficient and historic building will be available for rent, or to sell perhaps to the Chamber of Commerce or other interested parties in a direct buy or even a lease/option over a pre-determined period. The Chamber could apply all rental money for a down payment and the City could carry the mortgage and gain long term gain from this sale. The Chamber could afford to have a permanent home.
o The plan would be complete and enhance Miner Street and the Historic District in Old Town Yreka.
o The plan will have encouraged others to follow suit.
o The plan will provide for future improvements and model strategies that can be flexible and meet the changing demands of commerce.

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