Monday, March 30, 2009

Phase #2

Phase # 2: Construction of Parking Lot, Construction of Plaza

To begin this phase grant money, or funds from the sale of the city apartment building, rental income, fundraisers, etc. will be necessary.

· Deconstruct the back half of the Egbert Building that was added in last century. Grant monies would provide for the costs associated and or any other funds available at the time. Construct new back entrance/plaza area and public rest rooms to remainder of building.

· Once funds are available from the sale of the City apartment building, or other sources, renovate the parking area in the back of the building as per plans already designed by the Garavaglia Architectural Firm presented to the city as of January 2009.

· Design signage and advertisements for tourism to “find” new parking area. Ideas may include signs at each exit from Interstate 5 that point to “Historic District”, additional signs on freeway, improvements to web presence, etc. A kiosk at parking lot to show places of interest, i.e., walking tour of Third Street, Miner Street, location of Chamber of Commerce welcome office, etc.

· Construct an entrance plaza to Miner Street Shopping and Historic District from parking lot. Utilizing designs from Don East and coordinating them with previously designed items from the Garavaglia Architectural Firm.

Benefits of Phase # 2:

o Newly improved parking for tourists, shoppers, with clean, well lighted area and handicapped accessible.
o This will provide an “entrance” to the historic district that will be a family friendly portal into our past and present.
o A plaza area for rest, relaxation, available to not only the businesses within the Egbert Building but with potential access to the Franco American Hotel if it should become available and utilized by an individual, company, or city/government agency.
o City will be realizing income from the rental of the Egbert building, businesses will have additional access to parking as well as shoppers without sacrificing a historical building or creating a toothless “grin” on Miner Street.
o The phase is flexible and changes could be easily made to plans in regards to available grant funding requirements, etc.
o Financing will be through grants and income generated by rental space in the Egbert building along with modest funding via the City on a yearly basis.

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