Monday, March 30, 2009

Phase # 1

Phase # 1: Volunteer Tenant Renovation, Parking Lot Project Activation

· List City Apartment Building for sale. (Understood sale may not be immediate.)

To help fund the goals of Phase 1 and 2 of this proposal it will be necessary for the City of Yreka to sell the City Apartment house that is located behind the old Franco American Hotel. The city could explore a variety of ways to promote the sale by considering things such as: Selling entire building outright, turn into condominiums and selling in parts to individuals, selling entire building with permits for Tenants in Common to facilitate sales for buyers, consider carrying paper on building with substantial down payment, or consider holding a second mortgage. Any monies gleaned from this sale would be earmarked for parking lot improvement and walkway/entrance/plaza to Miner Street through the Egbert Building.

· City will provide a liaison person to work with volunteers, provide venues for public contact, outreach, advertising, communication, and public relations for this project.

The liaison person will maintain the city’s interest and goals, serve as a “go to” person for the project. This should be an ongoing campaign for communication about this project. (City could create a blog, write news articles, include in newsletter in utilities bill, have links to a separate web page from the City website…) Provide for volunteer activities in various aspects of the outreach program. Volunteers could give presentations to civic groups like Rotary, Elks, etc. to inform and elicit assistance.

· Begin cosmetic repair on street front of the Egbert Building. Repair and renovate the interior front half of the building.

The City of Yreka would provide funds for repair and face lift not to exceed $5,000 for the calendar year 2009. City employees would check and repair any basic electrical, heating, cooling, water or sewer services to the building and deem habitable. The City would provide a dumpster or garbage/debris pick up for any work performed on the building. A team of volunteers would be organized and documents allowing volunteers to work on the premises would be the first order.

o The volunteers will remove the board and batten from the front of the building and restore the fascia to given plans. Paint and repair the street view.

o Volunteers will also begin to clean up the interior, and along with the City, determine a list of priorities for repairs and renovation such as flooring, paint, building partitioned areas, lighting needs, etc. as per plans.
o Volunteers will create a renovated exterior/interior using the funding the City provides not to exceed $5,000.
o The City will allow donated materials and provide donation receipts for tax purposes.
o The City will provide guidelines, technical assistance and any potential code requirements to volunteers from the building department.
o Time lines will be prepared and a date for usability will be determined.
o The back half of the current building could be partially secured and portions rented out for storage to business owners, or for the city/county during their various moves in conjunction with moving city offices, courts, etc.
o Immediate work will demonstrate that the City does care and have concern for the preservation of historic buildings on Miner Street.

· City of Yreka would begin researching grants and other financial opportunities to restore, renovate, and retrofit the Egbert Building in the future. This will bring the entire building into the current century, but will leave the historic elements intact to correspond with the National Historic District Guidelines.

· City of Yreka would begin a “Restore Yreka” Campaign. The visual and physical presence of work being accomplished on the Egbert Building will serve as an example for other business operators and building owners. Cities and merchants under financial stress often become discouraged and business fronts and appearance often reflect this status. A welcoming street with clean and freshly painted storefronts will not discourage people from exploring downtown Yreka. Perhaps the top 3 businesses that “restore” their West Miner storefronts to an 1880 – 1900 theme will be awarded certificates and be spotlighted in the Siskiyou Daily News, or other positive public awareness for their efforts.

· City of Yreka would advertise the partitioned areas within the Egbert Building for rent/usage to the community.

Potential renters could be involved in the clean up/renovation process. The City would advertise rental amounts and possibly coordinate with JEDI or other agencies that could assist new business owners with start up. The incubator space could provide a permanent recruitment place for civic groups, Chamber of Commerce, local seasonal merchants, or small production like wine tasting, fruit growing, etc.

· Earmark any revenue generated from the rental of the Egbert Building to establish a fund to be eventually used for renovation of building and/or matching funds if required for Grants.

Benefits of Phase # 1:

o The community will see immediate action
o Small start up businesses could realize direct community access
o Low cost for potential immediate benefit
o Possibility to expand business on Miner Street within a short period of time ~ move in dates could be prior to July 1, 2009.
o Positive communication about things happening in the Historic District
o New areas for potential advertising, outreach, etc. for the business community
o Use of existing money previously spent in development and research
o Positive volunteer experiences
o It will be “seen” that the City is no longer competing for tenants with other apartment owners in the area.

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