Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 ways to go

When we started this plan for the Black's Building,we started with the following concept. No. 1 save the building by looking for a plan that would satisfy the various need and wants of the community. No. 2 work with as many citizens as possible to come to the answer.

There are 5 ways the city counsel can choose to go. Following is a listing of the 5 choices.

1. Current Plan: For several years the historic group and several citizens worked on ideas that came to a set of architect plans for the Black's Building that arrived at the city this last January.

2. YDC Plan: The plans presented by this group wants to tear down the building and build a plaza.

3. Renovation Plan. The plan presented here to date on this blog.

4. Do nothing Plan. This plan proposes to leave the building as it is for now.

5. Sell the Building. Sell the building and return the monies to the fund.

I am currently working on a way to present all of these ideas on this blog or a linked group of blogs. I will also be putting up a place for you to vote on the idea of your choice. As always the author of this blog is open to all comments and suggestions.
Thanks Don

Monday, June 8, 2009

teardown removed

The city counsel removed the words "tare down" form the resolution passed on last meeting. This may be progress.