Monday, March 30, 2009

Three-Phase Proposal

Henry Egbert Building
320 West Miner Street
Yreka, CA

The following is a three-phase proposal for the City of Yreka and to the Yreka Development Commission to encourage business growth, visible activity and community involvement on Miner Street within our National Historic District. This specifically addresses the Henry Egbert Building currently owned by the City of Yreka. This plan is very flexible and will allow for numerous unforeseen events, changes, or needs of the City of Yreka. Much of the information here has been gleaned from the reports and architectural work already in the hands of the City of Yreka.

With this plan, upon approval, action can begin in as little as two weeks. This plan has minimal impact on immediate city finances. Direct long-term expenses can be manageable and self-sustaining with careful planning and grant approvals.

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